vladfa-6376Vlada-6376Vlada and the famous color chart.

I met Vlada through a website known as Model Mayhem. This website was, at one time, the place to go if you wanted to find a model, photographer or makeup artists to collaborate on media projects. Now I feel that Instagram is more in tune to what I am looking for as far as talent goes. The "Pretty in Pink" shoot, as i call it, was shot at a location near Sabine Street Studios - right off of Houston Ave. I found the location quite by accident. 

One day while trying to find a route around the many trains which block Houston Ave at any given time of the day, I swung a right or hung a left onto a side street. I came across this fence looking thing which was actually a fence made from rusted locker doors. I knew then I had to shoot something here! I actually pulled over and grabbed a shot of it. Since I had worked with Vlada on a previous shoot, I knew that she would be perfect for this concept. 

The outfit was purchased at Salvation Army for about $6.00. While I was in the women's section at this thrift shop, some of the workers gave me strange looks. I suppose they they thought I was about to do a drag show or something and the outfits I was choosing were obviously not my size. One staff member actually pointed me in the direction of the men's section. I told him that I was in the right section. 

Here is the result of the shoot. Thank you Vlada.