Saturday, January 20, 2024 - Third Saturday Open Studios LINER NOTES!

I want to give everyone a Super January Shoutout for stopping by #137 for 3rd Saturday Open Studios at The Silos at Sawyer Yards! I met a lot of fascinating people and had some very interesting chats about art, photos, Campbell's Tomato Soup, Denver Harbor, Magnolia, the Navaway, the Broadway the Don Gordon and everything in between. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by. I am there every weekend doing things like a mad scientist! Thank you to: Max and Lucille (not pictured), Sky, Ryan and friends, Danny, Maria, Hailey, Raul, Alicia and Eddie (who are on their way to the Love Lock Bridge), Wendy, Hailey, Mani, his wife and awesome friends Ruben, Teresa and Eddie! Thank you for your support!



Saturday, January 13, 2024 - Second Saturday Open Studios

I want to thank everyone who stopped during 2nd Saturday Open Studios at The Silos at Sawyer Yards! I spent the day talking to some fabulous art lovers and a couple if fellow photographers! I also shot some candid photos from the second floor where my studio, #137 (above #114), is located. Stop by for a visit soon! The Silos, 1502 Sawyer St. Houston, TX 77007!