The Peace Coat

The subject of this picture is not evident in the photo which is hanging on the wall at Sabine Street Studios. Note the colorful outfit worn by the lovely and talented Awful Rose (not her real name). The coat is made of synthetic fur and is highlighted with many bright, happy colors like pink, yellow and blue. It comes with matching leg warmers. This is an outfit from another place and another time. However, it works wonders through the camera lens with the right person as its soul. 

What you did not see in the exhibited photo is the “Peace Sign” stitched onto the back of the coat. This is what makes this jacket and its supporting materials unique. Have you ever seen anything like this? I never had either! That is why I purchased it in 2017 - after a brief session of margaritas! That is all behind me now - the margaritas, not the impulsive purchases of outfits. There is more to this story that I will go into one day or if you ever see me at Studio 128, ask me about it and I will tell you the tale - campfire, marshmallows and all! Just as every man has his Ava Gardner, every man has his Peace Coat story. More on the Ava Gardner thing later. 

In the following gallery you can see Priscilla in action with the Peace Coat. The colorful parade of an outfit by itself is nothing, but the right person within makes it sing. If you so choose, you can view the Peace Coat in person and even try it on at Studio 128! We can even take some picture with it!