Olivia-Gallery-8751Olivia-Gallery-8751Olivia in her prom dress.

I would like to start with Olivia Christine Smith. I first met Olivia when she walked into 124 during one of the many Second Saturday Open Studio events in 2021. We talked for a good minute. Olivia shared her fascinating story of a girl from Katy who loves music, singing, dancing and acting. What young lady does not love all of these things? However, Olivia took this passion a step further and took her cat, clothes and her car to the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles! COOL to say the least! 

How many of us would love to take that leap of faith but are bound by fear, uncertainty and confidence?

Before she left 124, Olivia and I made plans to do a couple of shoots before she returned to the Dream Factory of Southern California. As you can see in the photos, Olivia has a special language that only her and the camera understand. I almost felt like an outsider while the shutter clicked away, capturing the images you see in this gallery. 

Please note that the "purple" dress she is wearing in the above image was her prom dress. However, it was actually blue but transformed into purple over the ensuing years.