No War Know Peace

War and Peace is always a hot topic..

Update August 6, 2022 - No War Know Peace has been painted over. It now has another topical message. I will get a photo of that as soon as possible. 

The Houston skyline itself is unique in that there are very few locations where you can get a decent shot or a different photo than you usually see. Allen Parkway is the "go to location" for most city of Houston skyline shots. I do not like going there because everyone goes there and the parking is horrible.

There are more common locations such as the Sabine Street Bridge and the newly constructed, Post Houston. Post Houston has only been open since November 2021 but is now (MAR 2022) over shot to say the least. Everyone goes there. Also, keep in mind, they do charge for professional shoots. 

However, there was once a vantage point for shooting the skyline that had a special meaning for Houstonians. This was the Southern-Pacific railroad trestle which spans Interstate 45 southbound into downtown. On the framing of the trestle, if that is what you call it, the slogan, 'BE SOMEONE' was painted on the side by an unknown artist, at least unknown to the general populace. There were only two places to get a shot of this trestle with the skyline in the background. One was from the Crockett Street bridge which spans the same freeway or actually from the freeway shoulder itself - very dangerous. 

Both sadly and ironically, BE SOMEONE was painted over by someone. I grabbed some shots of it right before it was painted over. Those will be presented in another gallery. Now the same bridge has a new slogan which has taken the city of Houston by storm. In response to Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, another artist painted the following, "NO WAR KNOW PEACE". 

Therefore, for the second time this week I have risked life, limb and camera equipment to get that unique skyline shot with the "NO WAR KNOW PEACE slogan. At first I stopped on the Crockett Street Bridge and snapped a few shots. Then, after leaving 124, I found a way to walk in between the HOV lane and the freeway lane to get a shot few will have. These are pictured in the gallery! Enjoy and support your local artists by purchasing some of my prints. Be Someone and No War but instead Know Peace. 

No-War-Know-Peace-5346No-War-Know-Peace-5346This is the recent addition to the I-45 railroad trestle.