Lock Your Love In

Love is always a hot topic...

There is this bridge which spans the beginning of Allen Parkway or even the end of Allen Parkway, depending on the direction you are traveling. This bridge is a foot path used by pedestrians to cross the busy Allen Parkway thoroughfare to avoid getting hit by a speeding car. I suppose the fence is there to keep Houstontonias from throwing things at the passing vehicles or throwing themselves on the passing vehicles. 

I am not sure when all of the madness started but over the years people in various stages of love have climbed the stairs leading up to the walkway and placed locks on the fence which covers the bridge. The understanding is if you are serious about your love and the relationship attached to it, you should place a lock on this fence with your names and the date you are placing the lock. This serves as a covenant to your love and the other person: a promise to stay together through all the shit that life and your partner throw at you. I often wonder how many of these pad-locked crossed lovers are still together.

It would be cool to send a psychic up there to get a take on things. Their head might explode. 

I took this picture in October of 2018. The section of the fence which allows you to see the Houston skyline, outlined by locked-in-love, is no longer there. It has long since been covered by more padlocks. Do keep in mind that other bridges in the area crossing Memorial Drive are also being populated with Love Locks. So if you get a chance, walk up to one of the bridges with the one you love and place one of the locks. Or even better, if you broke up with your love and you are going up there to get your lock back to maybe use it on your gym locker, If you are adventurous and maybe into scrapbooking, give me a call and for a modest fee, I will photograph the event for posterity and your future generations.

This gallery contains some of the photos I have taken on this bridge over the years. The showcase image being the one you saw on the wall at Sabine street Studios. 

LOCKS-16x20Lock Your Love InLove lock bridge spanning Allen Parkway, 77019.