La Dama

La Dama is perhaps the most recognized characters in the entire Loteria Mexicana game board. "La Dama" is Spanish for "Lady". Noted for her smart green, business-attire outfit which includes a red hat and those red shoes. In her most famous photos she carries a dozen roses with her - whose origins are from a suitor unknown. She walks with a purposeful stride. La Dama is always on the move. She is a woman with places to go and things to be. To those who have had the privilege of being in her world know her to be a true Chingona. "Chingona" is Spanish for bad-ass.

A celebrated moment in her Chingona history occurred when she was about 18 - depending on who you ask. She left her parents home after she was told that she should be happy making tortillas for the men in her family. Also, college was out of the question and the only way she would ever be allowed to leave the house was with a ring on her finger. To this paradigm, she gave the middle finger and walked out of the torn screen door with a squeaky spring and followed her own path. It was not easy but she did it. This is why she is considered a Hero because she was not afraid to go against tradition and follow her gut. 

Her Latino family is traditional to a fault. The adolescent women in the family are not allowed to say her name around the men. It has been speculated that when she left the house, her father's blood pressure went so high that he had a stroke. 

This is what she looks like now. 

  LaDama-1973La Dama with Flowers and a Red PurseLA Dama is making a move to shake down tradition.