El Valiente

This morning I do not have my glasses on. I left them in the car. I will try my best to impart this story of bravery. The common myth about one of the most famous characters in La Loteria Mexicana is that of El Valiente. For example, Latinos in Texas right to the north of the Mexican border will use the word “parkiar” as in let's park the car. In fact, the term for parking a motor vehicle in Spanish is actually, “estacionar”. This same slang Spanish is utilized to describe El Valiente as “the violent one when in fact the term means The Brave One. 

Therefore it is only fitting that in our list of heroes we introduce a character who embodies that measure of bravery which is inherent in all four of our previous characters or the ones who preceded him in this narrative. La Dama whose bravery gave her the guts to escape her prison of tradition. Or El Catrin who refused the patriarchal demands of his father. Or El Musico who follows the siren call of his music with his guitar as the set of keys to his escape. El Borracho whose journey has yet to be completed much less started. 

The world in which El Valinete walks the path to his journey is filled with those who would keep it from it. Those people, mostly family, who fear change more than they fear the Devil himself. He is constantly asked, “Why must you do your own thing? Why do you want to be different? Are you ashamed of your heritage or your culture? Are you trying to be white?” Yes, the "trying to be white" card played with every Latino who dares to want something different! The one card which does not belong in the deck as it only serves to stack the deck with guilt. In  this world he has to fight his way out of the boundaries placed in his way by tradition and ignorance. Remember, whether it is a knife or a navaja, Excalibur or a Light Saber these instruments are mere metaphors for his strength and bravery at his disposal to chisel away a clear path to his destiny which he feels is his freedom from tradition. 

It is the brave heroic nature in the heart of El Valiente which is common in all of our characters we have discussed today. 

This is what he looks like now.

ElValiente-2191El ValienteThe Brave One is about to kick the ass of some smarty-pants fool.