El Borracho

Every family has one, no matter the depth of it ethnicity. You have heard it often, "He is a great guy and fantastic person but he has a dark side." Here, in El Borracho we are seeing this dark side. 

It can be said that in some way La Dama, El Catrin, El Musico and El Valiente were all in a similar dark place - a place they did not want to be. They found a way out With everything they learned on their journey they too will share their experience, strength and hope with others.  

How can he be considered a hero you may be asking yourself. Well, he has yet to start his journey. His heroic deed will be found on the road to recovery. In the end, when he gets there he will offer his advice to others of his ilk. He will share his wisdom, experience, strength and hope. And he will get there. I know he will. That is why he is on this wall with other heroes. Keep in mind that no one wakes up one day and decides, “I am going to become a Borracho". Ignorance teaches us that this type of lifestyle is a choice. Far from it. We do not yet know what trauma occurred in his young life that drove him to drink. It could have been family influences, abuse by bullies, abuse by family members, an evil woman, the child of an alcoholic or lack of opportunity among other things. These are all contributing factors.

This is what he looks like now. 

ElBorracho-8936El BorrachoHe is on his way